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The 6 Steps to a successful Website
To keep your new site looking fresh and up to date it is  important that it is managed regularly. Your website will need ongoing updates,  changes and maintenance.  Consider it “food” for your site. Our management plans include:
Your website is an evolving and growing creature that is alive on the web. 
In the ever changing digital world your website is no longer a static object
By allowing us to manage your marketing collateral, you’ll have unified collateral that works together to build your brand and to increase your customer base
You want a web design company with experts who know how to make a website look good, but more importantly, know how to make a website work, not only for your company, but for your customers.
We monitor website performance using extensive data, such as load times, server response times, page element performance that is often analyzed and used to further optimize website performance.
Website Performance Measurements    a) using Google Analytics, Bing Analytics   as well as internal & customized measurements Monthly Updates Revising web pages Ensuring that the web servers are working correctly Internet Advertising Agency support Reputation Management Social Media Branding and on going support Search Engine submission

Website Management & Development

Roadrunner Media Website Design
Roadrunner Media Website Design